Fellowship Module

Program Objectives

  • Gain experience in the evaluation and management of arthroplasty patients throughout the entirety of their treatment course.
  • Demonstrate progressive responsibility in both the operating room and clinic.
  • Learn a systematic approach to the arthritic patient and to the patient with a poorly performing arthroplasty.
  • Learn to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, including work-up, implant selection, approach and postoperative plan.
  • Develop confidence in surgical approaches for primary hip (anterior and posterior), primary knee (quad split and vastus split), and revision hip (extended trochanteric osteotomy) and revision knee (patellar peel, quad snip and tibial tubercle osteotomy).
  • Become independent with primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty.

Knee Module

  • Exposure : Minimal Invasive Subvastus, Midvastus
  • Cruciate Retaining and Cruciate Sacrificing Knee.
  • Varus and FFD
  • Valgus and Hyperextension
  • Complex Primary
  • Revision and Hinged
  • Complex Revision

Hip Module

  • Exposure : Posterior Approach and Hardinge Approach
  • Advanced AVN Hip Joint
  • Ankylosed / Fused Hip Joint
  • Fusion Take Down
  • Dysplastic Hip
  • Revision Hip
  • Acetabular Defects
  • Femoral Defects